Beautiful and damned. Crazy and courageous dervishes, moved by one imperative: the limits they have to demolish

Alex Knost, Arto Saari, Dave Rastovich and Dylan Rieder; bodies in perpetual movement, and quick glances in the direction of water and speed.

Alex Knost was born in 1985 and brought up in Costa Mesa, California. He began surfing with his father at Newport Beach at the age of ten, dividing his free time between music and art. In 2012, in an interview for 2012 SURFER he described himself as a “surf bum”, which provoked a smile, since the magazine pointed out that in reality, thanks to various brand sponsors and the large number of t-shirts sold, his level is somewhat higher than that. Fit and competitive, Knost has starred in more than a dozen surf videos and films, including “Step Into Liquid” (2003), “One Day California” (2007) and “The Present” (2009).

Arto Saari, born in 1981, is a Finnish professional skateboarder and photographer. In 2001 he was awarded Thrasher magazine’s “Skater of the Year” award. His lucky break came when he attracted the attention of the global skateboarding community when he competed at the world championships in Munster, Germany in 1998, at the age of 16. After the event, he was invited by Danny Way to tour Canada with Plan B, Platinum and the Red Dragons teams. Saari’s professional career really began following his decision to move to the United States. In 2012 he was sponsored by numerous brands, including Alien Workshop, New Balance Numeric, WeSC, Ricta, CCS, MOB, Destructo Trucks and hOme watches.

Dave Rastovich: an amazing talent, is how he is described. Born in New Zealand, he moved to Australia’s Gold Coast at the age of six.  As he grew up he became a competitive force in the water and, alongside Grant Hackett, whom we now know as an Olympic swimming champion, won numerous events. He quickly showed that he had what it took in the world of surf. He won the U/16 Grommet Champs in Bali and not long after entered the World Qualifying Series. However, he soon realised that a life dominated by competitions was no longer for him. The lack of pleasure and the endless rules pushed “Rasta” to pursue the life that he lives nowadays: being paid for surf and cinema in exotic places all over the world, but without the stress of the competition circuit he found so wearing.

Dylan Rieder was born in 1988 inWestminster, California. On everyone’s radar with a constant flow of publications in numerous magazines, he is probably the protagonist of the best “Ollie” in skateboarding, thanks to his fluid style, a unique personality and the ability to skate any kind of terrain. Today, Dylan has become the darling of the fans in Street League skateboard. Added to all this, there is his relationship with the model Erin Wasson, which has excited interest in the fashion world, such that they have become the stars of important advertising campaigns alongside Cara Delevigne.

Four specialists in two popular sports, amongst the most aspired to and athletic. Their appeal is different and intense in the same way… agile and dynamic. Proof against danger.


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