With the recent release of Sophia Amoruso’s book titled #GIRLBOSS it was only natural to start thinking about girls that are big time bosses and are transforming the fashion industry. They are taking over the world in 12-inch stilettos and nothing can slow them down. They are visionaries, have original idea and business savviness to put their creativity into action. They are our #GIRLBOSS crushes, inspiration and we can’t help but to admire how they make it all seem so easy.

Sophia Amoruso or ”a Cinderella of tech” as New York Times has called her, started her business on eBay. She could probably hardly imagine that in just a few years it would turn into a multi million dollar retail business. She originally sold selected vintage pieces that she would style, photograph and ship herself. So it was a one girl team that has grown into a favorite online destination for badass girls from around the globe. The name itself came from Betty Davis’ song and album ”Nasty Gal”. Sophia is not a typical entrepreneur, she dropped out of college and is not an Ivy League darling. The foundation of her success lies in the ability to relate to customers, her street-smart wit, integrity and the sense of realness around her. She proves that working hard, no matter of your background, by sticking to your goals and working with the right people you can make it. That’s why she is a modern day idol to many of the girls growing up and hoping to make their dreams happen.

Natalie Massanet and Sophia are completely different but have something in common – they run super successful e-commerce companies. Ms. Massenet had quite a different path but her story is inspiring and fascinating non the less. Previously working in fashion publications such as W, WWD and Tatler, Natalie knew the fashion industry well. She put that knowledge into creating an online magazine that would allow women to immediately order the items that they like. That’s how the luxurious online destination of net-a-porter was born. She launched the website back in 2000 and many forecasted it’s failure. They were quite wrong as the Net-A-Porter ( empire has spread to ( and Mr.Porter ( that is a luxurious online retail heaven for men. The printed magazine was launched with the same name and with all these successful branches we can only wait and see what other evolutions will Natalie bring into the fashion world.

Miroslava Duma (, or Mira as her friends call her, is part of the Russian Dolls, a group of Russian women that have taken the fashion world by storm becoming internationally famous. Don’t let that fool you, there is so much more to Miroslava than just her beauty and impeccable style. She is a muse for various designers, street style sweetheart, and a savvy girl boss too. After working as an editor for Russian Harper’s Bazaar she is now working as a fashion consultant and writer for various publications, but she is taking over the fashion industry with her own digital platform called Buro 24/7 ( This impeccable website is gaining more and more followers and spreading to new countries with versions in Croatia, UK and Middle East. Mira is seen around the world visiting fashion weeks where she is followed by all the street style photographers that simply adore taking her pictures. She stays connected to her roots by wearing and promoting upcoming Russian fashion designers.

With the new girl bosses young females around the world can now have various idols. Let ladies like Sophia, Natalie and Mira inspire you to keep on rocking and chasing those dreams. Keep pushing through and you can become whatever you want to be, whether it’s a #GirlBoss or any other kind of a badass (in a best way possible, of course). Now go out there and get it!


Text by Ivona Josipovic