Asli Filinta ( – USA
Striking, luminous, urban…
An exquisite mix of Ottoman traditions and urban creativity. Native of Andana, Asli Filinta moved to New York to study at Parsons and then founded her eponymous line in 2008. True to her Turkish roots, her aesthetic combines colours and patterns with that country’s history and culture. The oriental prints, reinterpreted by this designer, blend with contemporary yet feminine silhouettes. Entitled The New World, the Spring/Summer collection draws inspiration  from the Turkish cartographer Piri Reis and his map of the new world, one of the oldest showing America. His map adorns shoulder patches, pants and shirts in a striking and luminous twist.

Parme Marin ( – France
Quirky, tribal, eclectic…
African textile design, tribal art, the architecture of the ‘30s, vintage clothes and New York City are just some of Parme Marin’s sources of inspiration. Citizen of the world, she spent the last years hunting and accumulating colourful beads, ribbons and fabrics founded in the different cities she has lived in. Created in Morocco in 2013, her namesake jewellery line is an explosion of geometric shapes, bright colours and raw textures. Entirely handmade, the necklaces and bracelets are characterized by unexpected combinations of materials such as stones, bones, feathers and horsehair giving life to statement pieces that dress women up with an elegant singularity.

Conservatoire International de Lunettes ( – Italy
Iconic, contemporary, refined…
The asymmetry as a mean to express each individual uniqueness and spontaneity. The Conservatoire International de Lunettes’s frames start from this concept to assert their brand identity. Conceived by Giancarlo Soresina and Anna Mainoli in collaboration with the art director Roberto Russo, the project began as an “international conservatory” which aims to reinterpret iconic frames, part of the collective imagination, in a contemporary way. Entirely handcrafted in Italy by skilled craftsmen, the sunglasses and optical frames are characterized by the contrast of sleek and opaque surfaces and a subtle balance between outer and inner motives resulting in visionary yet sophisticated products.