I fell in love with twins Simon and Nikolai Haas, the names behind the furniture design duo The Haas Brothers (, through a piece of theirs.  It was a beastly looking ‘brass stool’: I was immediately captivated by it. It was one of those moments when you just can’t take your eyes off something and it burns an imprint in your memory.

A lot of the twins’ furniture pieces possess an animalistic nature, and it makes sense. Talking to Simon I found out that as a kid he wanted to become a naturalist when he grew up. His early obsession with snakes led him on hunting and capturing escapades in his backyard.

Aside from my fascination for the objects that they create together, Simon and Niki are A Beautiful Tandem to me because of being a specific kind of people that I often find myself attracted to. The kind of people who throughout their journey on this earth manage to lead several lives, reinventing themselves continuously.

Before the twins began working together as designers, Niki was a hockey player who turned down a college scholarship to become a touring musician.  Simon, a painter, spent a few years between brushes and cooking in an Echo Park’s vegan restaurant called ‘Elf’, before taking a 9 to 5 as a property manager.

They founded The Haas Brothers just over two years ago, and have been making a name for themselves rather quickly. Fortunate was a chance encounter with Donatella Versace: it led to a collaboration for the Milanese powerhouse with brilliant results.

Finally, there’s this rare trait that I find the most special of all: their honesty. I’ve found myself observing a beautiful honesty in their manners, in the way they talk to people, in the way they approach their work, in the way they walk around their studio in Down Town LA, in the way they look back at you: they look at the world with clear eyes.



• City: LA.

• Restaurant: Cortez in Echo Park (, LA.

• Café: Trails in Griffith Park, LA.

• Bar: Cha Cha Lounge in Silver Lake (, LA.

• Clothing store: 3.1 Philip Lim (

• Design store: R & Company in NYC (

• Museum: LACMA in LA (

• Hotel: ACE Hotel in LA (

• Holiday spot: Sayulita in Mexico (

• Spa: Natura in KoreaTown LA.


• City: LA.

• Restaurant: Cortez in Echo Park (, LA.

• Café: Elf Cafe in Echo Park (, LA.

• Bar: Cha Cha Lounge in Silver Lake (, LA.

• Clothing store: Painted Bird in Silver Lake (, LA.

• Design store: R & Company in NYC (

• Museum: LA Natural History Museum (

• Hotel: ACE Hotel in Downtown LA (

• Holiday spot: Barcelona.

• Spa: I don’t like spas.