The classic floral patterns are stylized and become scientific. Prints or embroideries that seem to be x-rays, the outer and interior side on a two-dimensional surface. Flowers drawn with watercolors or pencils, the poetic aspect meets the scientific side. Everything offers a bit naive touch

1. Marni (marni.com)
2. Ellsworth Kelly “Flower sketch”
3. Sandra Bautista, Itunube Studio, “Fresh flower”
4. Reed Krakoff (reedkrakoff.com)
5. Elise Fouin “Chimisterie vase” (elisefouin.com)
6. Msmg per Toilet Paper (msgm.ittoiletpapermagazine.org)
7. Mother of Pearls (motherofpearl.co.uk)
8. Jon Shireman “Broken flowers” (jonshireman.com)
9. Anndra Neen (anndraneen.com)
10. Marni (marni.com)
11. Brendan Fitzpatrick “Floral-X-rays” (brendanfitzpatrick.com)
12. Christopher Kane
13. Christopher Kane
14. Comme des Garçons (comme-des-garcons.com)