The obsession with fast food, for logos and for everything is pop, is proposed brazenly and maybe the day after the fashion show. Provocative objects, details that like a mantra repeat the brand name and offer food for thought. They appear with a ghetto-style and investigate identity and speed with irreverence and lightness

1. Moschino by Jeremy Scott (moschino.comjeremyscott.com)
2. Tom Sachs “Nutsy’s McDonald’s” 2001 (tomsachs.org)
3. DKNY (dkny.com)
4. Marc Jacobs (marcjacobs.com)
5. Tom Sachs “Chanel guillotine (Breakfast Nook) ” 1998 (tomsachs.org)
6. Paul McCarthy “Daddies Tomato”
7. Kenzo (kenzo.com)
8. Alexander Wang (alexanderwang.com)
9. Tom Sachs “Chanel Chainsaw” 1996 (tomsachs.org)
10. Love Leather (loveleather.com.br)
11. Alexander Wang (alexanderwang.com)
12. DKNY (dkny.com)
13. Tom Sachs “Prada Value Meal” 1997 (tomsachs.org)
14. Moschino by Jeremy Scott (moschino.comjeremyscott.com)