Min KimKorea
Bright, airy, delicate…
Clean lines and volumes mixed with vibrant material choices are the stylistic hallmarks of Min Kim, young Korean designer recently graduated from the London College of Fashion after a BA from the Sejong University in Seoul. Her graduation collection is a hymn of airy silhouettes where edges are banned in favor of curve shapes such as oversize coats and bell-shaped skirts. Entitled The Season of Women’s Life, the collection draws inspiration from generations of women and ordinary feminine episodes that mark the life of the designer. The colors palette plays with soft tones such as ice, sugar paper and greige offset by flashes of silver and confer to the pieces a comfortable yet delicate allure.

Hollie Amber WhiteUK
Refined, engaging, monolithic…
Her design aesthetic seeks to establish an organic dialogue between material, process and form. Australian born-London based designer with a MA in Footwear Design at the Cordwainers College, Hollie White is the mind behind the accessories and shoes label Ellis White. Her inaugural collection aims to subvert the perception of luxury using a stone-like leather composite material inspired by architecture. Monolithic in the forms, delicate and bold at the same time, her creations evoke a distant geological age. Decolleté and sandals combine a creative use of recycled materials to rigorous shapes and attention to detail.

Simple, sophisticated, contrasting…
The jewellery label Takk is a mix of opposing forces. Established in 2013, the Warsaw-based brand was born from the meeting of Agi Kuczynska and Kasia Orlowska, both with a background in architecture in Milan and Stockholm respectively. The rigor of northern countries is mixed with Mediterranean passion creating bracelets and necklaces that adorn the body. Their first collection, MMXIV, is a journey down to the core of the earth and is inspired by the magnetic attraction that affects people when they first meet. Rare earth magnets are the basis of their creations: around these stones, a ring and filigrees combined in endless possibilities reflect the energy and personality of the wearer.