Katharina PerkhoferAustria
Delicate, bright, refined…
Pure lines and volumes are the signature of Katharina Perkhofer’s stylistic language. Native of Austria, this young designer is a recent London College of Fashion MA graduate in Menswear. Her debut collection, entitled The perversion of truth, analyse the balance between public and private sphere creating movements towards layers and digital prints with random dots. Loosely worn overcoats that caress the body are the only silhouette exaggeration, while clean cuts and proportions confer to the pieces a street-beating urbanity. The colour palette plays with gradient ivory, grey and black giving life to a delicate yet attractive man’s wardrobe.

Béton CiréFrance
Timeless, nostalgic, lively…
The typical hat of the Breton fishermen revived thanks to French duo Béton Ciré. Amelie Le Roux and Mario Faundez, who first met at the Parisian fashion school Atelier Chardon Savard, founded their own line of accessories in 2013. Their first collection, unisex and timeless, revolves around the Brittany Miki, halfway between a beanie and a cap. Produced in France by hatmakers, the Mikis, made in cotton or denim for a more urban look, stand out for the adjustable back leather strap and same-tone embroidery on the back side. The colour palette ranges from burgundy to forest green through cobalt and ocean blue making this classic of French tradition irresistible.

Rombaut (rombaut.com) – France
Ecological, genuine, clean…
Coconut fibre, natural rubber from trees in the Amazon and the Tapa and Mutuba barks from the South Pacific and Uganda. These are not elements of innovative design objects, but the materials of deliciously ecological shoes. Belgian-born, Paris-based designer, Mats Rombaut established his own footwear label in 2013. After stints producing leather accessories at the houses of Lanvin and Damir Doma, this 26-year-old vegetarian designer creates laced boots and derbies 100% natural and eco-friendly. With the Spring/Summer collection, Rombaut honed a hyper minimal aesthetic inspired by the majestic icebergs of northern countries and their ancestral landscapes: angular cuts and a monochromatic palette alternating icy tones and ivory characterize a shiny and alluring collection.