Describe yourself in three words
Vulnerable, free, passionate.

You’re a singer-songwriter, how did you get into it?
I’ve been acting since I was sixteen and I think I was just a little bit bored with some aspects of that form of art where the only way to create if you’re acting is to have a team and depending on other people. I think I wanted to do something a little bit more “self-sufficient”? I had been writing, always, so writing songs became just a good way for me to express feelings without even thinking that anyone was ever hear them at first. It just became something really vital: the fact of having the ability to create things every day on my own and seeing them evolve from the idea to writing the song and then recording it and perform it, it’s a pretty great feeling.

You’re an actress, how did you get into it?
My dad died when I was five… I was sooo sad and my mom couldn’t really take that much sadness in her face because she had to deal with losing her lover and the father of her four kids, so she had my brother and I do so many outdoors activities to take us out of the house and get us busy with other thoughts other than sadness. I did everything: from tennis to judo, swimming class, horse-riding, dance class, piano lessons… I lived in a tiny tiny village in the south/west of France, so if you signed up for one activity you just had access to all of them, so I did everything, and there was theater school as well. As soon as I started acting at five I felt “This is what I want to do, somehow tell stories to people, make up things and play characters”. It was a way to get out of my own tormented world and embrace other people’s feelings as my own.

What’s the best quality in a woman?

What’s the worst flaw in a man?

A song to describe how you feel when you’re happy?
I’m trying to think about my morning playlist, what I start my days with… I think ‘Diamonds On The Soles Of Her shoes’ the by Paul Simon. I like that song, it always makes me happy. The whole intro is like African singing, it’s really awesome.

…how you feel when you’re sad?
Unlovable by The Smiths. That’s how I feel most times (she laughs). And the lyrics are “I know I’m unloveable, you don’t have to tell me, I don’t have much in my life, take it, it’s yours”.

…how you feel when you’re in love?
The opposite of what I just said… I guess… I feel like I have to look through my playlist and find a good one… Damn! All the songs that I am looking at are ‘It Hurts So Good’, ‘No tears’, ‘I Wanna Destroy You’ (she laughs) but I am trying to find a happy love song! This is really hard because I listen to music all the time! Ok. ‘Just Like Heaven’ by The Cure, that’s a good one.

…how you feel when you’re mad?
I Wanna Destroy You by The Soft Boys (she giggles).

If I say Paris, what do you say?
The past.

If I say Los Angeles, what do you say?
The present (she laughs). Heaven. My life.

Who’s your favorite poet?
Sylvia Plath.

The first rule to be happy?
Let go of any thoughts that get in the way. I always think “You snooze, you lose”, if you think about things too much then nothing is ever gonna happen. I am trying to write my life as if I was writing a book and if I die tomorrow I want every page of every day to be incredible stories. So I try to go on adventures all the time and not let any preconceived way to stop me from doing things that are out of my comfort zone because I have expectations of how it’s gonna go or an idea of how bad it could be. I just want to embrace any situation that presents itself. If you’re not in the present, you lose everything that  is around you.

What personal belonging you could never part from?
This ring (she shows me the ring in her right pinkie). When my dad died my mom reunited both of their wedding rings together and she gave it to me on my sixteen’s birthday when I left home.

A word that you love?
Love. And I also love ‘leprechaun’, for some reason it’s one of my favorite words. You know the little green elves from the forest? Those little mystical creatures? Those little trolls? I just love that word, I don’t know why.

What’s the best quality about you and what’s your biggest flaw?
I guess maybe the fact that I am passionate is probably the best thing about me. Flaw? I am too emotional.

…and you think that’s a flaw? Why?
Because it gets me in weird situations. I can get really really emotional about a lot of things (she giggles). Sometimes when I try to work it’s not the best thing ever, I have way too many panic attacks always, it’s bad.

When was the last time you said ‘I love you’ to someone and who did you say it to?
To my girlfriend, Asia, a few days ago.

When was the last time you sent a handwritten letter to someone and who was it for?
I write such long emails to people all the time… I think the last handwritten thing I did, it was not a letter, but it was kind of a love letter to my ex-girlfriend. I posted stickers, heart shaped stickers, all over her front door in Paris with her name written on them, I covered the whole door. She knew I had those stickers at home, so she totally knew it was me.

How did she react?
She sent me an email telling me she had moved on (she laughs). And that she appreciated the romantic gesture, but it wasn’t what she wanted anymore.

Well, that’s better than when they ignore romantic acts completely, at least you got an answer…
She wrote “I just don’t get why you did that..” and me, of course, (she puts on a crying desperate voice) “I looove youuu… Aaaah…”. I’m absolutely too romantic, I’m a mess with that, I am always, very, romantic, to my default.


  • Jasmine DeLorme-King

    Soko its a relief to know there are other people who think and feel like me. much love