Obscur – Germany (
Austere, raw, experimental…
His aesthetic is austere and sterile, seeking a noir and unconventional beauty. Richard Soderberg is the creative mind behind Obscur, an experimental brand founded in Sweden in 2009 and currently based in Germany. Taking inspiration from Berlin and its raw music scene, this Scandinavian designer creates garments characterized by a gothic flavour, soft lines and deep black tones. Caught by the roughness of industrial objects, his work conceives garments in unusual materials such as a coat completely made in iron. High quality fabrics and a primordial yet timeless allure define attractively dark pieces. 

Tsatsas – Germany (
Pure, pleasant, understated…
Tsatsas is synonymous of purity, quality and understatement. Backed by a long-standing family tradition working with leather and a BA in Architecture and Industrial Design respectively, Esther Schulze-Tsatsas and Dimitrios Tsatsas established their own brand in 2012. Their bags have clean lines and timeless shapes and are a perfect balance between functionality, confection and aesthetic. Marked by a serial number that makes them unique, Tsatsas’ bags are entirely handcrafted in Germany using the finest leathers, pleasant to the touch day after day. Leather sport sacks, structured or soft tote bags in light colours and with a blue nappa lining, are conceived for a man who loves an understated luxury.

Adieu-Paris – France (
Chunky, collegiate, contrasting…
Their style combines teddy boys influences with a romantic yet Parisian touch. Founded in 2012, Adieu is the story of a duo. Benjamin Caron, after having spent several years studying the art of shoe making and with a passion for the punk-rock scene, created his first handmade brothel creepers in the early 90’s. Isabelle Guédon, after stints as personal assistant of Alber Elbaz and as head of the textile department at the Parisian school Les Arts Déco, is the mind behind the collegiate yet bon ton details. Their shoes are consistent and chunky, with a Brit punk and classic attitude at the same time. For the Spring/Summer collection loafers, creepers and boots with a distinctive high rubber sole and clean lines are tinged with pale blue, petroleum and coal.