Elena Burenina ( – Ukraine
Silent, discreet, introspective…
Elena Burenina’s stylistic language is a continuous fusion of art and fashion. Exponent of the vibrant Ukrainian creative scene, the designer debuted in 2006 at the Ukrainian Fashion Week. Her work is characterised by overlaps of materials, heavy and impalpable fabrics and gloomy drapery in a nostalgic reflection about time. For the Fall/Winter season she has developed an introspective collection with silent and minimal pieces. Shades of icy white, cobalt, rose and black evoke the aurora borealis and the typical colours of Nordic countries.

OlgafacesRok ( – Slovenia
Technological, surreal, dreamlike…
Olga Kosica and Rok Marinsek are a jewellery and a graphic designer respectively. The collaboration between the two Slovenian designers has given birth to OlgafacesRok, an interesting project inspired by contemporary art, sculpture and nature. Their jewels are designed for modern nomads who, in an increasingly digital world, want to experiment a direct contact with their body. Floral-inspired earrings, bracelets, headbands are made using 3D printing techniques on polyamide powder. Innovative and fairy-tale, OlgafacesRok’s three-dimensional pieces adorn faces and enlighten them through tones such as pure white and turquoise.

Vaska ( – Spain
Natural, geometric, authentic…
The icy Scandinavian nights and the warmth of Spanish dawns, the Nordic functionality and the high Iberian craftsmanship: the bags designed by Ann-Sofi Storbacka are an exquisite mix of antithesis. This Finnish designer, after graduating at the Escola Superior de Disseny Felicidad Duce in Barcelona, ​​in 2012 founded the brand Vaska, named after the Swedish word for bag. An origami lover, Ann-Sofi Storbacka produces bags using a single piece of leather and creating a functional structure without any stitching. Entirely handmade employing high-quality vegetable-tanned leathers, her shoulder or handbags as well as the clutch bags are coloured with winter shades such as liquorice black or chocolate brawn offset by borealis pink.