Nadia Scullion ( – UK
Architectural, delicate, interdisciplinary…
Materials are the starting point of Nadia Scullion’s stylistic universe. After graduating from the Edinburgh College of Art and an MA at the London College of Fashion, this young Scottish designer established her namesake label in 2012. Her creative process begins with the desire to source an unusual material and build a story often inspired by the language of architecture and interior design. Clean, minimal lines and pastel tones permeate a Fall/Winter collection based on the juxtaposition of inserts in moulded silicone rubber. Delicate short fringes that recall the basket weaves of rattan chairs, cuffs and faux necklaces animate clothes with a relaxed yet intriguing allure.

Simone Rainer ( – Italy
Rigorous, alchemical, golden…
Simone Rainer, class of 1985, is a failed mathematician. Obsessed by the perfection of prime numbers, he grew up alongside his seamstress grandmother and then decided to merge the two worlds creating in 2011 a brand of accessories that bears his name. Rainer’s bags are a tribute to Euclidean geometry and golden section which he translates into strict forms and perfect volumes, such as the triangle clutch inspired by the island of Stromboli. With the Supernovae collection the South Tyrolean designer investigate the celestial sphere: the clutches and shopping bags are victims of the astral explosion that indicates the final stage of massive stars’ evolution. Enlightened by vibrating points and bursts of light cobalt, gold, silver, he lead us on a journey looking for a new, three-dimensional perfection.

Michal Taharlev ( – Israel
Tribal, unique, industrial…
Copper, steel, tin and aluminium. With a strong passion for recycled materials, Michal Taharlev designs one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. Graduated in textile design, this Israeli designer creates xylophone-like pieces in her own studio in Tel Aviv. Using traditional weaving techniques, she employs industrial scraps and then weaves the material together on a loom to create unique compositions ready to wear. Entirely hand-crafted her necklaces and earrings impress with their colour scheme of untreated metals that illuminate and confer a tribal and highly effective allure.