Charlotte Free is the rebellious model born in Los Angeles and adored by the fashion world for her pink hair. She is an unconventional muse and punk personality straight from a contemporary Wonderland

The model Cahrlotte Free would be the perfect protagonist of a contemporary Wonderland which she could enter on her roller-skates or skateboard. Free, by name and free by nature, she shows off her pink hair and her flamboyance as if they were a brand name. The photographer, Terry Richardson (, in love with her nonconformity, has chosen her as his icon, portraying her with all her true swagger.

She was born in Los Angeles where she grew up in a creative, bohemian environment which taught her to be a carefree and very self-confident girl. Her pink hair and her constant drawling chat are often the cause of differences at work, but at the same time, the key to a success that has led her to become an icon of pink punk for several brands, including Vivienne Westwood (, Chanel (, Jeremy Scott and Marchesa (

If, instead of writing “The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland” in 1865, Lewis Carrol had written it now, he could have been inspired by her, with her happy little girl air, the face of an angel and her devilish spirit; and with the occasional socio-phobic attitude but a basic candour that keeps her permananently suspended between two worlds. Charlotte Free could look the Queen of Hearts up and down without being at all afraid to challenge her. Rather, she would do everything she could to annoy her, so running the risk of having her head cut off. This modern version of Alice, with her pink hair, like a Little Pony and the personality of a Velociraptor, does not wear a blue dress nor a white pinafore, but she has a style that mixes grunge and hard-core punk. Instead of just having a cat called Oreste with whom she plays and makes daisy-chains, she has three of them, as well as a pet frog, a turtle and a poodle. Charlotte in Wonderland plays in an electro-funk band set up by her boyfriend and fellow model. She has a collection of cigarette lighters under her bed and a variety of mannerisms and quirks.

For her, fashion is a means, much like any other, to make money, and she is well aware that all the glamour that surrounds her will, sooner or later, come to an end. Charlotte Free is not a child adrift in her world, but a rebellious, punk icon, who, by  being conscious of herself and of her present reality, illuminated by neon lights, knows only too well that the journey to Wonderland is only a dream.


Photos credit Google and Instagram