Candela Novembre met Ece Sukan, stylist and Editor-at-large at Vogue Turkey, for RedMilk. Passionate about vintage, she opened one of the most famous shops in this sector in her own country. During an afternoon in Milan, Candela accompanied Ece while she looked for some vintage pieces, and discovered all her energy and creativity

redmilk_ece_imgWhat is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I have a coffee to wake up, and then I turn up the music to wake up a little bit more. If I have to run out of the house for a shooting, or work, I’ll do everything quite fast. Otherwise I take it easy because I enjoy spending time in my house.

What was the last song you listened to?
Actually I listened to an old song, Curtis Mayfield Superfly…I love it and I listen to it in the morning because I like that seventies funk soul music, it makes me very positive and groovy in the morning.

When did your love for fashion start?
My mother was a theatre actress, so I used to go backstage from my very early childhood and I was always around the costumes. So it probably started back there; and I also think that it was being around my mum, who is a very stylish woman and loves to explore with patterns and colours, and has a passion for authentic antique jewellery. And then, when I was in high school I was into magazines, collecting them all and going through the fashion shoots and thinking, if I’d been the stylist I’d have done that or this instead of that. Even if I studied psychology at school, in my mind I knew I’d work in fashion, and above all, in the magazine business.

And when did your passion for vintage start?
I just guess also in my childhood…I started to love fashion and vintage at the same time. Probably because of my environment at the time: my mother backstage in the theatre had a lot to do with costume and things from the past, and not only new things in fashion. And then after university, when I moved to NY and I was studying on a fashion styling course, I remember that I went completely into vintage, looking for accessories to use in the shoots as a stylist, or amazing pieces that made me dream; and then I started my vintage collection, just for myself. That’s the reason why, when I found the perfect spot in Istanbul, I decided to open a vintage store that was, at the time, the first fancy and cool one. I didn’t have a business plan, the decision came from my heart, so I just went and put my collection and my love for great pieces from the past into a new adventure.

How would you describe your perfect day?
There are two different Eces in me, so it could be that the lazy one will love to chill at home with good music, nice food with my friends or boyfriend, watching a movie and looking through books of fashion, art, movies, architecture, (because that’s another big passion for me; I have a huge library that I’m really proud of) and that makes me happy. Or the super active Ece’s perfect day could be to travel, to discover beautiful places, other cultures, go to museums, lunch with friends, vintage hunting, in the night maybe a concert. Yeah, just that. I’ll do an everything day, and I’ll be happy too.

What is the strongest part of your character?
My energy is very high. I’m doing a lot of things and everybody asks me: “You do a lot of things and you’re always on the move; how do you do it?” I think it comes from my positive personal energy, that I like a lot if I use it. If I don’t use it I become super lazy, but when I want to do something my energy keeps me up and I’m not too lazy to travel, I’m not too lazy to discover, I’m not too lazy to research things. I love to be creative, to make projects, brainstorming. Yeah, my energy is definitely the best part of my character.

And what is the weakest part of your character?
I could be a little bit negative sometimes: I could see the glass half empty, but also it’s like my characteristic super contrasts, maybe it’s because of my sign in everything. You know, when something bad happens it takes me a while to move on. I’m not  really the person that says, in a bad situation, it doesn’t matter. I need time to process in order to keep on going. I guess that is the weakest part of my personality.

In the creative process of putting things together, do you have a rule for it or not at all?
Not at all. I’m so super spontaneous and I love improvisation. There is this organized chaos in me, and you can see how it reflects in my way of dressing, in my  wardrobe, in my styling…in everything. When I’m packing for travel I don’t plan, I just put on whatever I like and then think about the combinations. For my styling, of course, there is mood-board and research, so I can have the looks I want to photograph on set. I may change the sense of it all depending on the energies of the set and the mood of the day. I like to adapt, to change, to improvise.

Your favourite destination to relax?
My home in Istanbul… I feel very relaxed when I go back there, and also the South of Turkey, in the Mediterranean on a boat.

Your favourite destination for work?
New York! I always love Paris but NY is NY!

Which colour would you be today if you had to be a colour?
It’s difficult for me to choose because I love colours. I use them in all my styling, in decorating the house, in the way I dress, everything for its colours. But if I had to choose one today, I’ll be navy blue.

How would you explain your job to a child?
I dream of a woman; I dream of a story for this woman and then I dream of her clothes, and I create a fairytale.

Is there anything you would never wear?
I’m a person who says, “never say never”, I’m a stylist so I can find the way to work it, but maybe sneakers with wedges.

Do you remember what was the first vintage piece you bought?
That would be difficult…I’ll try to think…maybe…I had a great black and white Thierry Mugler eighties suit.

And the last one you bought?
A blue suede Ferré piece.

What is your favourite vintage decade?
To choose is so difficult! I love them all…Let me think…If I have to choose, I’ll go for the sixties and the eighties.

You are a citizen of the world but where can you see any sign of your Turkish origins coming out?
In my open-heartedness.