RedMilk Meets


Lescop, whose real name is Mathieu Peudopin, is the new French electro-pop phenomenon. A very talented musician with a passion for black clothes, who recounts the pleasures and mysteries of the night with his work. RedMilk has met him for you


Hi Mathieu. How are you?
I’m fine! Busy too, I’m working on my next album.

When did you choose music as your full-time job?
I don’t really know, I’ve always wanted to be a singer, or an actor. Since I was a kid I knew I had to do something on stage. And with writing, too, I’ve been writing since I was 7 years old. My first poem was called “La rose et le cachalot”…

A record to fall in love?
“Electric Ladyland” by Jimi Hendrix, or “Horace Andy, Sings for You and I”.

Do you have a ritual before going on stage?
Yes, but it’s a secret ritual!

How was your experience with Asyl?
Fascinating, violent and intoxicated.

What do you need to write a song?
Calm. I need to clean my home. Being alone and quiet, and having several breaks; doing some normal things, like cooking or watching martial arts videos!

When do you realize that a piece is finished?
When it’s recorded. I’m always changing my lyrics, even in the studio with my headphones on.

Why did you choose to record and present your record in London?
Because it was the place where Johnny Hostile’s studio was, but we were working in such seclusion and isolation that it could have been anywhere in the world, actually!

In the future, will you sing in English?
Nope, I don’t think so. I mean, not as “Lescop”, maybe in another project… Writing and singing in French is really important to me; it’s my mother tongue. I think in French, swear in French, fall in love in French, so I sing in French.

Which French artists do you appreciate most?
Serge Gainsbourg, Daniel Darc, Yves Simon, Alain Bashung, Bertrand Belin…

What’s in “La Forêt”?
Trees? Ahahah.

What do you do during your nights?
Sleeping, or reading, watching movies, or dancing and partying…

What is your recurring dream?
I know how to fly, or how to fight like Bruce Lee!

Some of your songs are inspired by historical characters, such as Joan of Arc, Marlene Dietrich, the Red Baron and Yukio Mishima. Why does history inspire you so much?
Because they were tough and inspired people, and beautiful too! They tried to BE themselves, as hard as possible, I love people like that…

Your last love at first sight?
My cat Edgar, a beautiful Siamese cat, lazy, jealous and acrobatic!

You have a very dark aesthetic and a predilection for black clothes. What are you wearing today?
Blue jeans, black T-shirt, leather shoes and a Harrington jacket.