Phoebe English (phoebeenglish.com) – UK
Tactile, sculptural, communicative…
A communicative use of materials and an attention to the dialogue between fabrics and human body make Phoebe English a designer not lose sight of. A London-based Central Saint Martins graduated, in 2011 she launched her own label in collaboration with Rose Easton. The designer aesthetic revolves around surfaces, fabrics and how they visually behave once mixed together. Her creations, most of which monochromatic, are meticulously cut and sewn by hand using old techniques of garment construction. For the Autumn/Winter collection she played with transparencies and overlays, fringe skirts and raw cut pieces creating a tribal and urban mix.

Memento Duo (mementoduo.com) – Italy
Iconic, unisex, spunky…
Inspired by rock icons, Fausto Poli and Vito Regano reinvent the boots which for years have marked the image of artists like David Bowie, Mick Jagger or John Lennon. With a portfolio of just three seasons and finalists of the Who’s on Next? 2013 edition, the founders of Memento Duo are determined to create recognizable and unisex products. The result? A unique shape with 30-50 millimeters heel declined in 3 uppers: Chelsea, Jodphur and Paddock. Made of calfskin, python, over-painted or laminated leathers their boots are assembled, sewn and entirely handmade in Italy. Attracted by the contamination among artists, the two designers have recently revealed the second chapter of the project seen-by. The photographer Alice Schillaci and the stylist Monia Salvini have thus interpreted the Jodphur playing on the duality behind the brand in an endless game of twists.

Danielle Vroemen (daniellevroemen.com) – Netherland 
Geometric, minimalist, fresh…
Lights and shadows inspire the jewellery designer Danielle Vroemen. After a degree in jewellery design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, in 2010 she founded the eponymous line. Her creations are developed from the combinations of pure geometrical shapes and a mix of goldsmith’s techniques with the latest 3D technologies. Necklaces, earrings, brooches and bracelets in silver or gold take inspiration from Platonic solids or hexagonal shapes which reflect light. A sophisticated simplicity in the forms confers to Vroemen‘s jewellery a minimal yet highly recognizable allure.