Gon Vienna ( – Austria
Creative, feminine, sought after…
Christina Steiner loves collecting objects and doing research, drawing inspiration from nature, culture and history. A graduate of the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, in 2009 she founded the Gon Vienna brand and, right from the start, won approval and international recognition. The designer’s creations emanate femininity through lines that are light and soft, and caress the body. A minimalism in the silhouettes is enriched by creative prints that, for Autumn/Winter alternate sublime fantasy with subtle-colours for garments in neutral tones of ice, dove grey and pale pink, interrupted by a flash of orange.

Vernissage ( – Italy
Magnetic, surreal, nostalgic…
Insects, wolves, bears and moths. The jewellery designed by Vernissage Project is a tribute to the flora and fauna of every latitude. The accessories project, born from the collaboration between Ilenia Corti and Matteo Mena, explores the love-hate relationship between man and nature, the vitality of the infant and the pragmatism of the adult. Their creations, which are hand crafted, are reproducible but not identical; they are little jewels in miniature that nostalgically crystallise fragments of the universe in rings, bracelets and necklaces with a poetic and melancholic soul.

Maurice Van De StouweHolland
Large, shimmering, architectural…
Maurice Van De Stouwe’s shoes are striking because of their sculpted shapes and primordial appeal. Fresh from a degree from London’s Royal College of Art, the Dutch designer made his mark by winning the 2012 Manolo Blanhik Award. Combining a love of material contaminations with a sublime, contemporary sense of shoe design, Van De Stouwe creates unusual and architectural shapes. The heel is the cornerstone of his creations: large, imposing and overlaid with a sheet of oxidised and treated metal that produces shimmering, veined and marbled effects. Leather uppers, thick soles and clear-cut lines dominate creations that are tribal and winning.