Alba Prat (albaprat.com) – Germany
Fresh, technological, bright…
The work of the Spanish designer Alba Prat is inspired by art and music. Graduated from the Berlin University of the Arts, she launched her eponymous line in 2011. Minimal silhouettes, androgynous garments impeccably cut and graphic prints define a fresh and innovative approach to womenswear. Synchronization is the name of the spring/summer collection that takes inspiration from the mathematical music of German artist Carsten Nicolaj. The bright shades colour luminous digital prints which reproduce the graphic representation of Prat’s spectrogram creating garments with a technological and charming feel.

Aesa (aesajewelry.com) – USA
Alchemical, mysterious, geometric…
Drawing inspiration from the past, Randi Mates blends metals, gems and semi-precious stones creating unique yet sophisticated sculptures named after the Greek personification of destiny, Aesa. Native of Brooklyn, after her degree in history, Randi Mates studied the ancient Greek and Roman fabrication techniques at the Jewelry Arts Institute in Manhattan. Brass, gold, silver, rubies, pearls and rough stones adorn necklaces, bracelets and earrings with geometric lines and a mysterious flavour.

Monica Albanese (monicaalbanese.com) – Italy
Functional, urban, soft…
Functional bags, soft lines and references to faraway cultures. After years spent travelling on behalf of leading fashion brands discovering new styles, Monica Albanese launched her namesake line in 2010. Large and comfort handbags with an urban feeling together with cylindrical and rectangular clutches reveal a careful research of shapes and materials. The pieces made of fine leather and straw hand carved by skilled Italian craftsmen, are based on a warm palette punctuated by sudden outbursts of colours ranging from orange to cobalt through forest green and lemon yellow.