Pepa Salazar (pepasalazar.com)  Spain
Rough, light, unfinished…
“S, M, L, XL” is the debut collection of the young and promising Pepa Salazar. Native of Valencia, this 23-year-old designer completed her fashion studies at IED in Madrid and in 2013 established her eponymous label. Clean lines and a careful study of volumes define an impalpably light aesthetic. Initially realized in 3D, the garments focus on contrasts between traditional and futurist textures together with an unusual way of creating drapes and overlaps with an unfinished flavour. The use of cream, blue sky and vanilla alternated with blue night and pitch black give a feeling of obscure purity to a collection characterized by a fresh and feminine allure.

Lizzie Fortunato (lizziefortunatojewels.com) – USA
Cheerful, chunky, outlandish…
From the college dorm room to a lovely studio in the Big Apple. Encouraged by the demands of college classmates, the twins Elizabeth and Kathryn Fortunato gave life to the accessories line Lizzie Fortunato after stints as a fashion PR and banker respectively. Elizabeth designs unique and narrative creations while Kathryn takes care of the financial side of the business. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings made by mixing unusual materials such as coco bolo wood from Central America or Costa Rican seashells with semi-precious stones. Handmade accessories that can be hung on the wall as art pieces as they can be worn by strong women who love chunky and cutting-edge jewels.

The Warriors – Italy
Geometric, unique, unusual…
He is a Venetian craftsman, she is a fashion designer trained at the IUAV in Venice. The Warriors is the result of the collaboration between Andrea Muffatto and Alexandra Ceretta, a brand of exclusive handbags launched in the spring of 2012. Each limited edition collection is conceived and manufactured in their laboratory assembling unique pieces found all over the world. For spring/summer, the duo propose a geometric storm and a palette of tones tinged with icy white, taupe, mud and green water. Unusual trapezoid, cone, cylinder or bucket volumes define a maverick yet functional product, convertible according to everyday needs.