Michael Van Der Ham ( – Holland
Oneiric, articulated, strong…
Multicoloured and imaginative, season after season Michael Van Der Ham delineates a strong and articulated aesthetic. He was born in theNetherlands, and after working at the courts of Alexander McQueen and Sophia Kokosalaki, and an MA in Fashion from Central Saint Martins, he created his homonymous womenswear line in 2009. The careful and obsessive care taken in the composition of the items of clothing and the knowledgeable use of the patchwork technique, are the strong points of this designer, considered to be one of the most talented on the British scene. An increasingly refined style which plays with prints and fabrics from different parts of the world, he creates outfits that are intricately superimposed for women who are not afraid of wearing audacious clothes.

Salar ( – Italy
Vivacious, magical, accessible…
Geometric and soft, clean and precious, elegant, but with character. The handbags designed by Salar are made of oxymorons, primarily multicultural, from the two designers, Salar and Francesca. He is Mexican, she fromPuglia, and following training at the Polytechnic inMilan,MexicoCity and the Bauhaus inWeimar, they launched their brand of luxury accessories in 2011. Strictly Made inItaly, and realised in innovative materials like regenerated leather, the Spring/Summer creations offer a timeless trip in search of magical and primordial inspirations, such as the theme of the triangle, repeated both for the evening bag and for the shopper, which, with its play on zips and superimposed triangles, can be expanded and reduced as required.

Laura RysmanItaly
Geometrical, delicate, intricate…
Materic geometry animates the creations of Laura Rysman,. After gaining experience in the Big Apple and inParis, theNew Yorkborn designer decided to develop her research inMilan, creating her own brand of jewellery in 2013. Entirely hand-made and with special care in the construction of the movement of the individual elements, the collection consists of minimal shapes that reflect the mathematical schematic, dissimulated in the beauty of nature. Silver is the base element for the earrings, bracelets and necklaces, embellished with inlays of gold and jewels for delicately alluring and sought after creations.