With great enthusiasm, this week Candela Novembre interviewed Uberta Zambeletti for Redmilk. A lady full of style who, in the heart of a more reserved Milan, gave birth to Wait and See, a magical space of colors and prints, result of great research and love for beauty. Candela has crossed the wonderful store entrance for the first time despite the years of knowledge between interviewer and interviewee. Uberta's motto? Try to imagine...

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
The first thing I do is turn off the alarm … actually no, after a grunt of despair, I leave it for about five minutes and then turn it off. Everyday begins like this.

What was the last gift that you give to someone?
I gave an extension cord of Bless, two german designers I love. It is an atypical extension because is covered with wooden balls. Finally this item becomes beautiful. I’ve given it to an architect friend of mine.

If I tell you ‘Wait and See’, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Wait and See is my philosophy of life and that’s why I called the store this way. Things do not always happen as and when you want, you have to work. Often life takes you in different directions and it’s always for a good reason. It was an old lady who gave me this advice and since them I’ve been applying it in my life. I think it works.

What must never be lacking in the closet of a woman?
A pair of gold high heels.

Could you describe yourself in three words?
Curious, thoughtful and enthusiastic.

What is the drink or the food that represents you?
A glass of good red wine and a fruit, raspberries.

If you were a super hero who would you be and what powers would you have?
I wish I had the power to defend those in need like Spiderman, Superman and Batman and Edna Mode, a character of The Incredibles. I would like to have some of her cunning and intelligence mixed with the other three super heroes, who are more energetic and less endowed with reason.

What was the last country you have been to?
I was recently in Berlin, Germany, and I discovered the Kreuzberg district. I got crazy because it is the new emerging neighbourhood, a former turkish quarter with an extraordinary energy, full of interesting shops, galleries. We ate by the river, under the weeping willows… It’s becoming the coolest neighbourhood in Berlin, is electric.

Which are the next countries you are going to visit?
Greece and Turkey this summer. The first will be to rest and Istanbul will be for cultural interest and inspiration.

What should strike you about a brand or a designer for you to choose and insert it into your magical world?
I always look for intelligence, because for me the beauty or value of a fabric is not enough. I want a complete package. I am looking for design innovation and quality. I’m also fond for colours and prints, it always catch my first look. It takes a combination of many elements that unfortunately miss frequently. The value must also be adequate. I know it is not easy but when I find something interesting the results are crazy.

What should never miss in your day?
Good humor, joy, enthusiasm. There are those days that lacks these words, but I always try to look for the bright side. Even in the ugliest days I know that before I go to bed something good will happen, even it is small. For example, it could be a butterfly that comes into my office while I’m working on the computer, that maybe breaks soon after … I always look for the sign that life gives you, every day, to make you think that it is beautiful.

And instead of what you could do without?
I do not say the obvious which includes uncomfortable unforeseen events such as jumping or things that break, I tell you that I could do without the superficiality of people. If people care more about what they do believe that life would be much more beautiful.

What image comes to your mind when I say Uberta child?
I was very lonely and already an esthete, always. I noticed all, I was very careful, curious, very quiet and yes, very lonely.

What do you look forward to become in the future?
I imagine myself wiser, more patient and more joyous.

Is there anything you never wear?
Never is not a word I use because I am a constantly evolving. I always put this subject into question because of many things I once said I would never, I after found myself doing it… Basically I can hardly imagine myself in total black. If one day you see me dressed like this, ask me if I’m okay … probably this will indicate that I changed a lot from today.