Henrik Vibskov is not only a fashion designer, he is a real artist. He went from making music to create his own line of clothing, all without effort thanks to his charisma and the desire to express an unconditional personal taste through various art aspects. The Danish designer graduated at Central Saint Martins in 2001 and since this moment he has had a great career between collections that tell of his universe and unique collaborations. A new talent of few words but convinced of what he thinks and says. RedMilk interviewed him.

Portrait by Nils Müller

How does your day get started?
With making coffee and porridge.

Do you think creativity is something you’re born with or something that can be taught?
There is surely an element of predisposition to it. Some parts can be taught, others can’t.

How would you describe your brand?
Family is the key world.

You have been making music since a long time. When did you realize to be a designer?
I’m always in doubt when it comes to strict labels like designer, musician etc… but I like what I’m doing: music, fashion performance, arty stuff.

How does music influence your design?
To me a life without audio is simply boring. The visual needs its sister to survive.

What is the story behind your SS13 collection?
The inspiration for the SS13 collection derived from a study of the structures and functions of the tongue. Dots and circular forms as interpretation of the taste-buds inspired the shapes of jackets and dresses.

You are a graduate of Central Saint Martins. Did you find particular inspirations in this place?
Not really, but one can always learn a lot from the fellow students.

What are your plan for the future?
Slow motion.

Text by Laura De Matteis, slide by Kirstine Sommer