During Milan men's fashion week, Candela Novembre met Adam Katz Sinding, photographer of the blog Le 21 ème, which collects the best street style of the fashion capitals. Adam has revealed to RedMilk the most amusing moments of his work, and what happens when you take a great picture.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
The first thing I do when I wake up, I check my Instagram every morning, number one priority. I don’t know why, I think I’m addicted to it. I don’t really eat in the morning, I should but I always wake up really late, so I always have to rush out of the door as quickly as possible. Maybe I’ll comb my hair. Then I run to the shows and I’m always late.

What is the last thing you bought?
I bought pizza last night, and before that I bought a Rick Owens jacket at my friend’s store in Seattle; and I also bought a jacket from A1923 by Simone Cecchetto, an Italian designer from Rome.

How and when did you fall in love with street style photography?
I think since 2010, even if I started doing street style photos in 2007. I was living in Seattle and nobody was doing it in that city at the time, and I thought maybe I should because there are so few people there that care about fashion, and I wanted to find them. It’s been a slow kind of evolution into it.

Who is the last person you photographed?
You, and then models out of the Frankie Morello Show, Eleonora Carisi and Valentina Siragusa.

Street Style…Different cities, different rules?
Yes, absolutely. Milan is kind of colourful, and I’ll use the word flamboyant, meaning that there’s a lot going on in a positive adorned way. In Paris it’s much more minimal and clean and detail oriented. New York, is kind of a mix of both Milan and Paris, and London, is just crazy. Cartoons. It’s like Japan but without Japanese people.

What do you need to take with you to feel at home while you travel the world?
I always bring much more than I need, but I’ll say black t shirt, black jeans and, when it’s this warm, black shorts; camera, computer, Sonicare tooth brush, that’s my lifesaver, and a big black water bottle.

Is there a time when you are on the streets photographing that you know you’ve got THE PICTURE?
Sometimes. I try not to look at my photos until I get home at night but there have been moments where it happened and you say, “Oh gosh; this is amazing”, but I try always to block that in my mind so that I keep on working, because if I think that I’ve just got an incredible photo, I might  feel like, “Ok I can give up and go home now”. I try to be very hard on myself so that I keep pushing myself all the time. I think it’s the best way for me.

What would you say is the food or drink that’s really Adam?
I’ll go for coffee, and for food, hummus and avocado.

Adam is never with…?
Well, I never have a pen with me; I rarely have cash, unless I’m travelling, so don’t try to steal my wallet. I always forget sunscreen even if I’m out in the sun all day. I’m mostly always alone while taking pictures. I’m, on purpose, antisocial during work so I can concentrate. I try to stay to the side by myself so, “Adam never with people at photo time”.

Adam is always with…?
Camera, cell phone, computer, a bear now…it’s my new trademark, a watch, even if I never look at it. And I always have too many thoughts in my head.

What has to catch your attention that makes you feel you have to go for that picture?
Since I have too many thoughts in my head, as I’ve told you before, the picture will come when I’m not even thinking about it. Otherwise I’ll think the photo over and over and become critical and I might break it apart…so I’ll say my attention is catch by not letting my mind get in the way.. that is when I get the best pictures.

What is the fun side of your job?
That I get to hang out all around the world, sitting on the streets, drinking coffee, being kind of lazy and then working hard for like 20 minutes at the time before the show. I’m really lucky. I get to have fun, and working to my own schedule, even if my schedule is the fashion calendar, I can decide if I’ll go to that show or not; it’s really liberating. I have a sense of freedom.

Which is the least fun part?
The heat and the cold, depending on which season it is. And my feet always hurt.

It’s there anyone that you’d love to photograph but haven’t had the chance to yet?
Not really. It used to be Nick Wooster, but I have seen him a couple of times. I’ve been pretty lucky. I think that I’ve had the opportunity to shoot everyone I’ve wanted to shoot, so far. There are so many people that I probably haven’t even met yet, that I can look forward to, but I don’t even know who they are.

Is there a place where you’d love to go for street style, but you haven’t been yet?
I thought Japan, but not any more because I discovered that you can’t take photographs of the models since they are under a contract that doesn’t allow them to. I’d love to do Seoul fashion week, that would be really interesting; and I want to go to some of the smaller cities that are doing it now, like St Petersburg, Kiev, Istanbul and San Paolo.

If you were to link a soundtrack to the moment where you are all running for that amazing picture, which one would it be?
It could be a number of different ones. To me it could be some Beethoven, but definitely not lyric, or you could do some of the bumble bee.

What do you enjoy doing when there is no Fashion week around?
I like to take photos on the street inNew York. Or just do nothing at all.

Is there anything that you’d say you’d never wear?
Absolutely. Mostly colours, I don’t really wear colours.