The swimming pool, focal point in the setting for many films, reminds scenes from California and motels in the desert. Its saturated blue also influences fashion: intense blue, prints of swimming pools and accessories stolen from the beaches of Venice beach.

1. David Hockney “Robert Littman Floating in My Pool”, 1982 (hockneypictures.com)
2. Miu Miu (miumiu.com)
3. Acne (acnestudios.com)
4. Aquilano.Rimondi (aquilanorimondi.it)
5. David Hockney “A Bigger Splash”, 1967 (hockneypictures.com)
6. Pierre Hardy (pierrehardy.com)
7. Robert Gligorov “The Diver in Elena’s House”, 2002 (gligorov.aeroplastics.net)
8. Topshop (topshop.com)
9. Opening Ceremony (openingceremony.us)
10. Au Jour Le Jour (aujourlejour.it)
11. Elmgreen & Dragset “The Collectors” (elmgreen-dragset.com)
12. Nordic Pavillon at Venice Biennale, 2009
13. Miu Miu (miumiu.com)
14. Elmgreen & Dragset “Catch me should I fall”, 2010 (elmgreen-dragset.com)