The appointment is at Forte dei Marmi, in a monday in the end of september. The enjoyment of making a movie with my friends exceeds the long expectative.

Natalia Resmini, Amanda Chinchelli and Betta dal Bello

We left full of equipments and pretty ideas. The boat trip through Sardegna is a classic example of the hippie surf culture. In fact, camping in the restaurant area has always its charm.

Luca, Matteo, Filippo, Alessandro and Giovanni are great. We had some much fun and, being all “sick” for waves and images, sometimes we almost fight to have the word. Having some many interests in common, conversation is brilliant.

Arrive just in time to see the sunrise in the island is a privilege. Just a surfer can fully comprehend the sensation of an anxious waiting. There is an obsequious reverence to confront the tides that are coming in our way. How it is going to be? Long, powerful, big or small waves? The spot reveals small but adapts well with the weariness after a sleepless night. The girls and I fly over the waves, lightly.

Today some friends from Toscana came together and we shared a little fear of the east coast. The tides and takes continues, as well as the beautiful vibe and stars! It is a lot of fun when we practice this sport with a such special group of people. The fact that Luca, Matteo and Gio make films is a further addition. It incites us to draw images with the body and the water. This passion translates into elegance, movement and physical strength.

The days go by beautifully, even why we are a very intricate group. All the laughs during the lunches and dinners are remarkable. Alessandro Ponzanelli, italian longboard champion, enters the game, right among the female whirlwind. I’m happy because during the afternoon I make an illustration for “Elle”. I feel so lucky! Amanda and Elisabetta are lovely and funny. Between us the complicity triumphs. The waves today are a little bit small but are definitely feminine. During the afternoon a very dear tuscan friend, Andrea Nacci, has a little incident. The solidarity unites the group.

We head south with the double intention of visiting Andrea at the Cagliari Hospital, as well as to change waves and landscapes. Some of the most beautiful takes of the film were made during this afternoon. We were dazzling. Through our smiles was possible to perceive the energy that remained from the last afternoon. Lara is sweet and her magnificent hospitality typically from Sardegna finished the day.

What can I say? A day that changed my life. Without exaggerate, the waves in Villasimius were a gift for everyone. Surf triumphs with smiles and water dancing. We came back home with the pockets full of energy, under a beautiful full moon.

Text by Natalia Resmini (natalialablonde.blogspot.it)
Photo by Giovanni Sbrokked Barberis
Ritratti di surf: GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS on Vimeo: vimeo.com