Nomi Ruiz was the voice of Hercules and Love Affair in their debut album. Nomi is a statuesque and diva-like singer/songwriter from New York City who currently leads the dance/pop/r&b group Jessica 6. In her last project "Borough Gypsy" she relives intimate moments of her life growing up in Brooklyn. In the upcoming months she will be on tour in Europe with CocoRosie and Italy is on the list. RedMilk met her.

Photo by Alessandro Zuek Simonetti

When did you decide to make music your work?
I made the decision to pursue music full on when I was 10 years old.

What is your musical background?
I’ve been singing since I was a child. Began writing and recording when I was 10. I grew up on hip-hop, r&b, freestyle and pop music mostly.

What was the most beautiful experience with Hercules and Love Affair?
Watching an entire crowd in Glasgow of people jump up and down with me while performing ‘Blind’

When did you decide to form your own group?
Right after we toured Australia. I wanted to stay on the road and express myself through my songwriting while actually making money.

Is there any connection between your professional and private life?

My songs are all very personal. The lyrics are based on my personal life. I like storytelling.

Is there a playlist that could define your life?
Portishead – Glory Box; Sade – Soldier of Love; Stevie Nicks – Nightbird;Nina Simone – The Other Woman.

You’ve been called a transgender superstar of tomorrow. How do you feeling in this role?
There is no tomorrow.

What are the requirements to be a superstar in the music world?
The word superstar I find a bit extreme. We all have stars in ours eyes. We make our own superstars by idolizing those who drive us to live at a higher levels of vibration. I feel honored to be considered a superstar in some people’s eyes but being a star in music industry standards is not what I strive for. I’m an artist and I am happy to be able to simply make a nice honest living from it.

How have you been welcomed by the LGBT community?
I get many positive inspiring messages from the community on a daily basis. They keep me going and have made me a stronger person.

You worked with Debbie Harry and Antony Hegarty and you’re about to tour with CocoRosie. Could you express an emotion for each of these collaborations?
CocoRosie are so magical. We always have a dream of a time when we’re together. Antony is such a goddess and is my superstar. I have not a particular emotion towards Debbie Harry.

Fashion world loves you. Could you define your style and reveal us your three must-haves?
I love silhouettes and body conscious clothing. I love my body so clothes need to compliment my figure or I’d rather be naked. Must-haves are: stretch denim jeans, tight knee length tank dress and a silk scarf.

Plans for today?
On a bus headed to NY from performing in Boston. Going to rush home, get dolled up and go sing happy birthday to Alanna Heiss at the MoMa PS1 Dome then rush off to spend some time with my lover before leaving to Europe for the entire summer.

The ‘Borough Gypsy’ Mixtape is out now (click here)

And here is a list of upcoming tour dates:
05/25 :: Austria, Vienna :: JESSICA 6 LIVE :: Life Ball
05/30 :: Mexico City, Mexico :: DJ SET :: El Imperial
05/31 :: Guadalajara, Mexico :: DJ SET :: Atico Club
06/03 :: Winterthur, Switzerland :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Salzhaus
06/04 :: Lausanne, Switzerland :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Les Docks
06/05 :: Basel, Switzerland :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Kaserne
06/06 :: Marseille, France :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: L’Espace Julien
06/07 :: Toulouse, France :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Le Bikini
06/09 :: Biarritz, France :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: L’Atabal
06/11 :: Nantes, France :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Stereolux
06/12 :: Lille, France :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: L’Aeronef
06/14 :: Milan, Italy :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Magazzini Generali
06/15 :: Roma, Italy :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Vila Ada
06/16 :: Modena/Soliera, Italy :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Arti Vive
06/17 :: Budapest, Hungary :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Millenaris
06/19 :: Prague, Czech Republic :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Archa Theater
06/21 :: Erlangen, Germany :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: E-Werk
06/22 :: Spain, Barcelona :: DJ SET :: Razzmatazz
06/23 :: Leipzig, Germany :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: UT Connewitz
06/25 :: Wroclaw, Poland :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Etec Club
06/26 :: Warsaw, Poland :: BOROUGH GYPSY w/ COCO ROSIE :: Basen
06/29 :: Russia, Moscow :: DJ SET :: Manon