During the Milan fashion shows, Candela Novembre met It girl and fashion blogger Eleonora Carisi. Between a fashion show and a presentation, and before Eleonora caught her flight to Paris, the two interviewed each another.


What is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up?
I prepare a cup of hot green tea.

What does somebody have to do to surprise you?
Make me laugh.

A dream and a nightmare of yours?
My dream is to be able to realise some projects that I’ve planned, in a short time. My nightmare is falling into emptiness.

You have a super power for one day. What would you like to have?
Remote-controlled transport.

Which food and drink do you think represent you?
“Estathe” lemon tea, but not in a carton. I’m the type who likes a can. For the rest, I would say a bento box, with Japanese food in it, colours, wasabi, which is spicy, and salmon that melts in your mouth.

If you were a colour….
Orange; super energetic. I never wear it, but it symbolises me because it gives me strength.

What do you need to feel at home when you are travelling?
One of my grandmother’s jumpers: I always need something to warm me up; then music.

What is your idea of entertainment?
Being with my friends, those that I really care about, far away from the fashion world. Entertainment for me is the cinema, popcorn, sweets and everything possible and eatable, with a sushi dinner at the end of it.

Eleonora gets angry if….
With regard to work, if things are not done in a certain way; if someone doesn’t pay attention to the details.

If a book should be written about you, what would the title be?
The girl with the red suitcase.

Whom do you call when you have a problem?

What would you never wear?
Anything that didn’t make me feel at ease.


What is the first thing you do as soon as you wake up?
I put on the first clothes I find, go down to the kitchen and prepare myself a good cup of coffee and a juice which I drink in the courtyard; and I smoke a cigarette in total solitude.

What mustn’t be missing from your play list?
Happy music, that puts me in a good mood. Lately it’s, “Io” by Gianna Nannini, which I often listen to when I’m cycling; it makes me see everything in a more positive light.

What is your motto for one day and for life?
For one day it’s: “Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today”. It’s difficult, but I always repeat it to myself. For life it’s: “Why not”. If you don’t hurt anyone or you don’t do anything illegal… why not?

What are the flavours of your homeland?
More than the flavours of my homeland, I feel the flavour of my house and of my family inArgentina, then mate, which we drink continually, and it’s a wonderful custom.

Between husband and wife, never put…?
An Iphone.

A memory linked to your work that has touched you?
Among my fondest memories is the first trip I made toJapanwhen I saw my sister again, after four months, for a fashion show only for twins, organised by Undercover.

If your daughters were a picture book?
Verde would be a picture book to be completed, and Celeste would be a pop-up, multicolour book.

Which lullaby did your grandmother sing to you?
She didn’t sing lullabies, but told wonderful, imaginary stories in which everything happened. Instead, she sang me an Argentinian poem which says: “Pegasos lindos pegasos, caballitos de madera, yo conoci siendo ninio la alegria de dar vueltas en un corcel dorado en una noche de fiesta”.

For which designer would you have liked to be the muse?
Without doubt, Karl Lagerfeld; very demanding, certainly, but I like this.

What super power would you like to have?
To be able to lengthen or shorten the days according to what I have to do. Then, if I could have another, I’d like to be cloned sometimes: it often happens that both my little girls want their mother’s exclusive attention.

What has been the best day of your life?
The best moments are those you can share with your friends; but the greatest joy was the birth of my little girls, and when Fabio and I went to get married inLas Vegas.

What makes you laugh during the day?
Lots of things. The girls, when they act in a way you aren’t expecting. Surprise calls, good news, and when you can do something good for someone else.