Sweden has always been considered the European country with the highest number of women who are perfect according to beauty standards. But Sweden is also the birthplace of new brands with a zero-impact philosophy, which offer highly natural products for make up and body-care.

What is passed on from mother to daughter is the care and protection of naturally very fair and sensitive skin, and the same applies to hair, which is ash blond in 80% of Swedish women. So it is highly unusual for hairdressers to propose balayage or highlights; instead, on the one hand they suggest organic treatments, and on the other pop hair-dyes in nuances which range from fuchsia to blue, and also include green.

Thanks to their innate predisposition for light cuisine, a healthy lifestyle and their miraculous genes, most Swedish women do not require particular treatments to firm up their figure. Instead, they prefer to keep skin constantly moisturised, as a remedy for the very cold temperatures which are to be found inSweden.

Essie Nail Varnish – Color is in the bag (
A neutral shade for this Essie nail varnish, known for its very long-lasting formula which never chips.

Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo (
It adds volume to hair and protects it, thanks to organic acacia gum, which is a natural substance that lifts and fills out hair.

&Other Stories Cleanse and Tone (
A combined cleanser and tonic, rich in nourishing lacto-proteins, and in moisturising and soothing active ingredients. It brings daily calm, comfort and moisturisation.

Is Icelandic Solution-Pure Marine Enzyme by Face Stockholm (
A miraculous moisturising gel which erases fine lines, minimises the damaging effects of the sun and of skin discolorations. Produced with Penzyme, a marine enzyme which comes from the cold waters of Iceland, this exceptional formula rapidly nourishes the skin and at the same time has a slightly exfoliating effect. Moreover, it reduces the first signs of aging. It is entirely free from oils and perfumes, and is suitable for all skin types.

Rodial Cream Size Zero (
With visible results after only four weeks, this firming moisturiser redifines the silhouette thanks to Prosvetyl (Lotus Flower), which tones and intensly levigates while glicerin moisturises and perfects skin elasticity.