Licia Florio ( – Italy
Passionate, fresh, linear…
Her style is simple and clean. Licia Florio, a Fashion Design graduate from Marangoni in Milan, creates sophisticated and contemporary pieces. The predilection for soft shades, sometimes spaced out with touches of black and blue, gives the creations of this young Piedmontese designer a fresh and candied allure. A formal minimalism inspired by Nordic taste melds with attention to detail and quality finishing typically Italian. Shantung and plastic or embroidered fabrics and combinable pieces offer expression according to everyday mood and tell of a positive approach to life seeking harmony.

Spektre Sunglasses ( – Italy
Positive, cheerful, protective…
Spektre sunglasses have stately names that pay homage to the Latin roots of Italy. The brand was founded in 2009 from a simple yet original idea of a guy in his early twenties: combine classic frames with mirrored and hyper colored lenses. Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision sunlenses, italian manufacturing and excellent value for money have established the international success of the brand which has in portfolio collaborations with Antonia, MSGM and Spectrum. Memento Audere Semper is his first collection, soon followed by Nulla Ethica Sine Aesthetica, In Hoc Signo Vinces and Bellagio. The last one is Vitesse, sunglasses developed specifically for women, characterized by feminine cat-eye lines and irresistible color combinations, such as powder pink or tortoise frame with fuchsia lenses.

Elizabeth Dunn ( – England
Sturdy, playful, bespoke…
The creations of Elizabeth Dunn, a London-based shoe designer graduated from Cordwainers College, are solid and full of contrasts. With an androgynous touch, her pieces are a perfect combination of functionality, elegance and artistic flair. Totally handmade, her shoes are inspired by nature and its elements which are transferred into the shoes through both traditional and modern shoemaking techniques. Her latest collection is transeasonal, ensuring practicality in all weather conditions. Chunky heels and hand-painted landscapes are key design features of a product with a high degree of exclusivity.