In your opinion, who is the most influential personality in the fashion world?
Corrada Rodriguez D’Acri: For me, Jane Birkin. She represents simplicity and elegance together. I love her style; nowadays I find it in Emmanuelle Alt, the editor of Vogue France. But certainly the most influential personality remains Muccia Prada: her fashion shows are always the most eagerly awaited.
Fabiola Di Virgilio: There are several. I would certainly say Carine Roitfeld and Emmanuelle Alt for the styling, Phoebe Philo for design and Bernard Arnault for the business.
Ilaria Norsa: Me! Ha ha. I’m joking… It irritates me a bit to admit it, but I think it’s still Anna Wintour. But also Bernard Arnault, of LVMH, is not to be trifled with.
Margherita Moro:. Realistically I would answer Anna Wintour. In my own frame of reference, I would say Karl Templer.

Do you prefer to do styling for photo shoots or for fashion shows?
C.R.D. Photo shoots! The creativity that can be expressed at a shooting is free and total.
F.D.V. Fashion shows. I really like the idea of working in a team; the affinity that can be created between a stylist and a designer is wonderful.
I.N. It’s difficult to say: shooting – when it’s for editorial and not commercial purposes – certainly allows greater creativity. But, to give your own personal touch to a collection, without upsetting the DNA of a brand, entails understanding a series of mechanisms which make the work really stimulating. And then, whilst in styling for a photo shoot you work “for yourself”, or, at any rate, on your own, styling for a fashion show is team work, which leads you to work side by side with the designer, the tailors, the models, the set designer, the sales office and the production, etc. And more often than not – in spite of the intense pace of the work – the atmosphere that is created is very enjoyable. Or, at least as far as I’m concerned, it’s always been like that.
M.M. My approach to the two is so different that I wouldn’t know how to choose between them.

Which would you choose, prêt-à-porter or Haute Couture?
C.R.D. Definitely PAP, I find it more contemporary for our generation and it’s more in line with my style. I don’t like exaggeration.
F.D.V.Prêt-à-porter, decidedly faster and more immediate.
I.N. Prêt-a-porter.
M.M. Prêt-a-porter.
When we asked you to shoot with three other stylists, what was your first thought?
C.R.D. A new and fun idea, like all Redmilk’s ideas. I really like working in a team when there isn’t any jealousy.
F.D.V. Redmilk’s aim was to communicate the idea of a team, to bring together stylists of the same age and leave behind all the hysterics and disagreement that can so often be created on the set, when several personalities come into contact with one another.
I.N. I found it a very stimulating idea, because implicit in the concept of comparison is a dash of rivalry (positive) that doesn’t do any harm, and because the possibility of expressing your own identity to the maximum – without having to submit to business logic or to editorials which are, in any event, not totally authentic – is pretty priceless. I’m gratified by it. And then, I’m in good company.
M.M. Enthusiasm

What is your idea of luxury?
C.R.D. Luxury isn’t in tune with my way of living. I love those who don’t show off and always manage to stand out with simplicity.
F.D.V. To travel! This is the greatest luxury for me.
I.N. For me luxury is not denying yourself anything you need, not purely from the point of view of possession, but rather of lifestyle. Possibly without parading it around.
M.M. To have the time to travel

The greatest quality a woman can have?
C.R.D. Class and good manners
F.D.V. Gentleness and elegance in her movements
I.N. The greatest quality – in a woman, as in a man – for me, is always intelligence.
But if we want to talk about something more specifically female, I would say that in a woman what counts a lot is elegance, not only in the way she dresses.
M.M. Knowing herself

Will you tell us your beauty secret?
C.R.D. As soon as I find it.
F.D.V. YOKO OGAWA, a Japanese facialist and skin expert who looks after the skin with natural creams. He resolved a big problem I had two years ago.
I.N. In reality, I’m not very consistent in taking care of my “beauty”, and my laziness doesn’t help… I would say the secret is to have special friends (and specialists!), like the legendary Gianluigi Gargaro di Coppola who looks after my hair (with hair therapy sessions and Shu Uemura oils), and Gaia Venuti who, with her Bahama Mama, led me to discover what a true manicure is (the problem is that once you start, you can’t do without it…). Then there is Yoga .. which I would like to practise more often!
M.M. The energy of Bali!

The outfit that represents you?
C.R.D. A blazer with jeans and a pullover. If I could be comfortable, I would always wear heels. I can’t be without my coloured, hippy, summer bracelets.
F.D.V. Boots, skinny jeans and a silk blouse. And then, my rings… I can’t ever be without them.
I.N. Black trousers, ankle boots, silk blouse and masculine blazer. Black Wayfarer Ray-Bans, and go! By now, more than an outfit, it’s a uniform.
M.M. White t-shirt, jeans and biker boots.

Which film would you have liked to star in?
C.R.D. The Leopard
F.D.V. Terence Malik’s Badlands; it’s all wonderful. The soundtrack, the photography, the fashion. It’s a film which most reflects my personality; also, Sissy Spacek is just divine.
I.N. Leon, all my life!!! But why don’t we talk about the female personalities interpreted by Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface or Sharon Stone in Casino?
M.M. Mmmm, I wouldn’t know.

A trend that’s in and a trend that’s out?
C.R.D. I’m not in the mood for a lot of colour at the moment…so natural tones, white, black, the least showy. I really like the masculine style. Out, is all that showing off to get yourself photographed everywhere, and accessories that are useless, exaggerated, feathers, too much colour, etc.
F.D.V. I don’t think there’s a trend that’s out when you have a strong awareness of aesthetics and style. On the other hand, a trend that I appreciate particularly at the moment is stripes.
I.N. I don’t like talking about “trends”. For me what is out is following trends at all costs; the spasmodic search for clothes or accessories to attract attention and maybe the odd photographer’s flash. Strange doesn’t necessarily have to mean beautiful. Or, quoting Marracash, “ It’s not that if no-one understands, then you are a genius (…)”
M.M. Minimal: the elegance of simplicity; bad taste, always.

Which song could represent your present state of mind?
C.R.D. Heroes, by David Bowie
F.D.V. Venus in Furs by Velvet Underground
I.N. Where is my mind, by the Pixies
M.M. Nightcall by Kavinsky

What will you do today?
C.R.D. Hang up the antique plates I got in Marrakesh on the only wall which is still free in my house.
F.D.V. I’ve still got three appointments and then dinner with friends: good wine, chat.
I.N. It’s my first free weekend for a long time, and the last one before the start of the fashion shows, so I’ve come to the mountains, to St Moritz to relax. The weather isn’t very good so I’ve got an excellent excuse for not skiing, and I’m sure I’ll pass a typical day in Engadina: a walk, lunch at Hanselmann and the spa. Who’s better off than me?
M.M. Coordination in the company for the next fashion show. There are less than two weeks to go!!