Wet effect and carefully styled: if, for a woman, there are many strategies for making herself more desirable, for a man, looking after his hair is fundamental.

Imprisoned by kilometres of travelling, wearing a crash helmet, or squashed inside caps with visors, wandering, tired around polluted roads and often, on busy days, washed in a great hurry: it is essential that his hair is entrusted to specific products, each one suitable for achieving a particular objective.

D.R. Harris & C. L. ( have created their handy Golden Shampoo, an extremely delicate product suitable for normal and greasy hair. Its delicate formula means that it can be used almost every day. The flacon is available in three sizes: 100, 250 and 600 ml.

Instead, Murdock London ( proposes Hair Doh, a shaping paste in a small tin, perfect for styling the hair. It is light weight but gives a strong hold, creating contrasting light and shade on the surface texture of the hair. Used on damp hair, it has a slight banana fragrance. Finally, some advice on an accessory that it would be a good idea to always take along. It isn’t bulky, weighs very little and in front of a mirror or the side windows of a parked car, could be a help in getting your hair back in shape.

The Men’s Large Folding Comb ( is a fine-toothed pocket comb,200 mmlong, produced by B Kent & Sons Ltd, a famous, traditional English make, specialising in the production of brushes. They have had the privilege of being granted royal warrants for nine reigns.

Photo credit Imaxtree