10A (10a.it) – Italy
Pragmatic, refined, linear…
She is a Royal Antwerp Academy graduated fashion designer, he is a product designer. In 2008 Daria Dazzan and Matteo Cibic set up a tailoring laboratory and started a production of ten pairs of trousers with suspenders a month. 10A A Suspender Trousers Company is the commercial evolution of this original idea and is based on reinterpretations of two essential male pieces: trousers and suspenders. Nowadays shirts, bags, sunglasses and t-shirts complete their collections which are characterised by high-quality fabrics, great attention to details, excellent fits and entirely Italian manufacturing. For SS 13? A rational total look which takes sartorial solutions from the navy’s uniforms.

Yvonne Koné (yvonnekone.com) – Denmark
Timeless, simple, functional…
Yvonne Koné loves the simplicity of single moments. Inspired by her everyday life in Copenhagen, the accessories made since 2011 by this Danish designer are timeless and functional. The beauty of materials she uses and the wrinkles formed on a leather bag in its everyday use, are her sources of inspiration. Generally unisex, her bags are made of suede, calfskin or lambskin leather and are entirely produced in Denmark. The shades vary from the brown of the ground and woods or dust grey to coal-black.

Ets Callatay (ets-callatay.com) – France
Austere, accurate, handmade…
25 hours of manufacturing for a pair of shoes completely handmade. Since 2011 Belgian-born designer Joachim de Callatay produces his creations in his studio in Paris. Characterised by sharp, simple lines and a bit raw-looking shapes, his shoes are assembled using only three types of leather, natural or black-painted wood and sole leather. All the materials and components, which come from France, Belgium or Italy, are applied on basic shapes such as Richelieu and derby.