Iosselliani is fifteen years old. For the occasion Redmilk has met Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci, the creative minds behind the brand, to remember the past and discover their future plans,  with particular attention to the new Puro Iosselliani line, which is a real tribute to their origins.

Iosselliani was created fifteen years ago and has developed an elegance which has never been tamed. Your creations have a precise aesthetic. What course have you followed in order to achieve your identity?
Technical and stylistic challenges have always been the stimulus for our work. Creativity follows a course driven by curiosity and by the challenge posed by the production limits we have to overcome. Our identity develops without our being aware of it, it breaths in the world around us and in some ways, it precedes us.

Art, history, beauty and the goldsmith’s art, your creations encompass a complex and suggestive vision. Of the pieces from the past that you have revisited, which one has been the most interesting to rework?
Undoubtedly the skull: the symbol of our fragile eternity or eternal fragility.

You are partners at work and in your private lives. Does your concept of beauty coincide, or do you have to find a meeting point?
Our points of view intersect in the search for a protean beauty, to be confirmed and “created” every day. Every day our work distances us and brings us together, in a continual challenge of love and passion.

Paolo, how would you define Roberta’s style?
Roberta is the magic part of us. Her carefree attitude, irony and beauty mark her out. She also has great intuition.

And you, Roberta, how would you define Paolo’s style?
Paolo is a “material” man: solid, determined and a dreamer. A man who challenges and realises his desires.

After fifteen years of work you have created a line called Puro Iosselliani: a return to your origins, to the pure tradition of the goldsmith. How important is attention to tradition and craftsmanship for you today?
It has always been important for us. Now we can come out into the open with an entire collection dedicated to our origins.

Which are the most iconic pieces that a woman should have in her jewellery case?
Certainly the little pieces of jewellery from her childhood, then our panther ring or the multi-bail necklaces. But, the iconic nature of a piece is never determined by who made it, but by whoever experiences that piece of jewellery as iconic. Our personal amulet, for example, is the cameo with the skull: we both wear it, just like the majority of our collaborators and friends. It’s become our identification.

Your first flagship store, R-01-IOS, was opened in your city, Rome, in 2005. Three years on, the T-02-IOS in Tokyo arrived. What do these two completely different cities represent?
They are two complementary worlds, both vital for us and their coexistence amazes us: even after many years is still an unfathomable mystery. We will soon be opening our new flagship store, this time in New York. It will be another enjoyable and stimulating adventure, a new encounter.

How do you manage to balance the Roman tradition of craftsmanship with the modernity of the design and technology of Japan?
For us it’s a question of instinct. We discuss everything freely when we are creating, and in the end it often happens that tradition and technology magically become one.

Where will Iosselliani be fifteen years from now?
Here, there and anywhere… Our future depends on those who appreciate our things; it will be the lovers of the brand who will decide.