Candela Novembre has been to meet Margherita and Teresa Missoni and to help them prepare Christmas presents. However, they found themselves making a wonderful nativity scene and decorating the Christmas tree. Between one puppet and the next she interviewed Margherita for Redmilk together with her sister Teresa. So here is a pleasant face to face meeting between the three young women who, for one day, were transformed, for fun, into reindeer.

What is the first thing you both do when you wake up?
M: Breakfast in bed. I prepare it, so I go into the kitchen and I bring it back. I always wake up too early for someone else to prepare it, but sometimes my husband does.
T: I clean my teeth.

What if you were a colour?
M: I’ve always been fuchsia. I’ve always had a passion for this colour.
T: I feel that I’m all colours.

If you are in difficulty, who do you call?
M: Now, my husband, but also my sister and my mother.
T: My sister.

Which food do you think represents you?
M: Ice cream. I adore it.
T: …. difficult, but I think…. coffee? Ever since I was little I’ve always loved it. I used to have a drop of coffee in sugar and I made a little ball with it: I loved it. But in reality, I’m not coffee, I’m much more tranquil and placid; I drink a lot of it but it doesn’t seem like it, and so I am more of a camomile.

If you could both learn something that is difficult for you, in a second, what would you choose?
M: To sing. I’ve always been absolutely tone-deaf.
T: I would like to know how to draw really perfectly, even with a biro. One of the things that fascinates me most is the talent of someone who can photograph with their hand. Even though I love all art, in general.

If I say the word happiness to you, what, or who, comes to mind?
M: My wedding day.
T: My family.

What is the last thing you bought?
M: Reindeer antlers with bells. Something more to do with fashion? A pair of Swarovski ballet flats from Manolo, super lady. I don’t know how I entered a period in which I like mature women. Ballet flats to wear without stockings.
T: The Christmas decorations with my sister, this afternoon.

What do you need to feel at home when you are travelling?
M: The bag with my teas and my herbal teas.
T: My nightdress and dressing-gown, and this is already a part …. and my shaw. If I have these things I feel safe.

Is there an object you wouldn’t want to be separated from, which is perhaps a lucky charm?
M: My wedding ring, and then I always have a small medal of the Virgin of Lujan. I don’t know why, but you know, when you get attached to something?
T: My rings. I don’t know why but I’m very attached to these. They are all presents from people I love, from  my family: they all mean a great deal to me. One of them was given to me by my father, one by my mother and one by my grandmother. I feel protected by them.

What do you do when you have to concentrate?
M: A hot bath because that way I can remove myself from the world, and I’m able to think
T: I find it very hard to concentrate but I usually listen to music, depending on what I have to do. If I have to study, no, but if I have to draw then, yes. Music doesn’t distract me because it keeps worries away.

If you had written a book about your sister, what title would you have chosen?
M: La Vispa Teresa  (Lively Theresa)
T: La vie en rose … She has her head in the clouds.

Something you would never wear?
M: I saw some UGG shoes covered with red diamantè and I really thought that with these I couldn’t arrive in any possible world.
T: Something terrible for me? I can’t stand white cotton, or sheer, light brown, lycra stockings. But then, I have a passion for stockings and those really are ugly.