Saloni – England
Understated, feminine, vibrant…
Saloni’s style is a mix of Rajasthani tradition and London’s creativity. Native of Nashik, but based in London since 2004, at 15-year-old Saloni Lodha began by cutting her grandmother brocade sari to make clothes for herself and her friends. With the aim of reinterpreting the elegance of Indian women in a modern way, Saloni creates easy to wear pieces with draping fabrics and delicate handcrafted details. A refinement that finds its greatest expression in the work of Indian artisans she collaborates with and in the hand-painted prints.

Coliàc by Martina Grasselli – Italy
Unusual, geometrical, ironic…
Coliàc is the surname of her maternal grandmother, the last descendant of a noble French family, to whom she decided to pay homage. Graduated from NABA in Milan, Martina Grasselli founded her label in 2009. Her sculpture-like accessories, geometric and flowing at the same time, are inspired by Art Deco, by Malevich’s geometry and by the atmospheres of Surrealism. Her ironic and unusual pieces are created by the combination of precious materials such as gold, ruthenium and copper with plastic and bakelite used for pendants.

Giancarlo Petriglia – Italy
Versatile, precious, modern…
Lightweight constructions, high quality of materials and handcrafted works of great excellence. Giancarlo Petriglia’s bags are versatile, modern and ironic. Trained at the Academy of Brera, in 2011 he gave birth to its eponymous brand after a decade in the style department of Trussardi. Made by master craftsmen in Palermo, his bags are unique in terms of forms and combinations of colours and materials: calf, python, eel are tinged with warm colours such as taupe, peach and saffron-yellow.